The Men

Songs about men

men that lived,

and the women who screamed

and did what they’re bid.


A slip of the earth

you wake up cold,

cardboard between you,

and the soul that you’ve sold.


Songs about men

who fell by the way,

and the women who watched them

with nothing to say.


A slip of the hand

but who gives a fuck.

The tables have turned

and your time is up.


Songs about kings

carefully undressed,

and the nurses to whom

they wished they’d confessed.


A slip of the mind

but no harm done,

He’ll welcome you back

You’re His prodigal son.


Songs about heroes

whose tale has been told.

Songs about men

who should have grown old.


Songs about real men,

men in hell,

all it took was a slip

and like Adam they fell. 

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